Judy Sullivan Family Resource Center

Our client, Catholic Charities Diocese of Venice, is a faith-based non-profit organization providing services to the working poor and homeless. The major services provided at this grant-funded facility include:

  • choice food pantry where clients, assisted by volunteers, choose what they need instead of just receiving a bag of groceries

  • adult counseling

  • teaching kitchen

  • computer stations where clients can conduct job searches, learn a language, and apply for services

The existing structure dates from the early 1970’s and was in desperate need of rehabilitation. With the aid of CDBG funds for redeveloping blighted structures, we stripped the building down to it’s core structural columns and beams and designed a complete renovation of the facility.

We also played a large part in redeveloping the site around the building, which was completely paved over with parking and vehicular drive aisles coming right to the edge of the building. All entries to the building including steps and ramps emptied directly into vehicular traffic! This caused a dangerous situation as the majority of our client’s users do not have cars but arrive at the site on foot or by bicycle. We were the first to take advantage of a portion of the overlay code that allows for on-street parking. By placing 1/3 of our parking on the street, we were able to pull vehicular traffic away from the building and dedicate that area for pedestrians, giving the users a safe and dignified way of coming to the facility.