First Street Zocalo

This grant funded project undertaken for the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency is located on Immokalee's most prominent corner. With the use of xeriscaping, crushed shell paving, concrete and steel, and cypress log benches the park will be rugged and require little maintenance. The design was developed in collaboration with the citizens of Immokalee. The central organizing element of the park is an existing pathway that lined with an arcade of sabal palms and festival lights. A wall that will provide a backdrop for future art installations and a shade trellis line the west edge, while a multipurpose pavilion and grassy lawn provide an area for gathering or watching a musical performance.

design excellence in architecture award - 2014


"This is a well-conceived and executed cultural park project. The jury was energizedby the Architect's ability to enliven a previously under-utilized, prominent corner along a main thoroughfare using simple materials and smart design. This project is an example of how Architecture, when conceived with the users habits and desires at the forefront of decision making, can create a space that feels as if it can exist only in this place. It was apparent to the jury that this project has created a much needed place that enhances its entire neighborhood and not just the site itself. " - Jury Comment