Haldeman Creek House

The home of David and Carla Corban has been recognized as one of the greenest homes in Collier County.

Green Technologies Employed:

Passive cooling systems include an operable shade structure, 5 to 12 foot overhangs, venting skylights and light reflecting sunshades.

Raising the home up on pilings in the path of prevailing southerly winds that are in turn cooled by passing over the water forms a microclimate that is 10-12 degrees cooler in the summer.

Xeriscaping lawn reduces need for watering and replacement of seawall with riprap provides a natural habitat for fish and wading birds.

Rapidly renewable and recycled materials such as bamboo flooring and homasote board are used.

30% of the structural and finish wood in the new home is reclaimed from the old house formerly on the site.   

top award winner for architectural excellence in 2007

named one of top 100 buildings built in Florida in last 100 years




Photography credit: jocofi photography, Nick Sergio Photography