David Corban and Better Roads CEO, Joe Bonness spend a lot of time together when not working, cycling 3-4 times a week together and racing sailboats together and against each other. When Joe asked David Corban to design a new building for his company, that relationship expanded to the workplace. Corban responded with a 10,000 sf headquarters to replace a woefully inadequate and aging building.

Based upon the operation of the company, the structure was divided into 3 distinct elements housing personnel, accounting and estimating. These spaces are arranged around a courtyard providing a tranquil space for employees away from the industrial surrounds.

Green Features of the project include:

- Recycled steel structural frame, cladding and roof.

- Deep over hangs and reflective roof to reduce heat gain.

- Operable windows and natural light in every office increase ventilation and worker productivity.

-Redevelopment of Brownfield site.


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