Residence in Old Naples

Our client’s program called for a master bedroom suite with a private study to act as a private retreat from the rest of the home.  Access to the addition is through a glazed loggia, placed along an existing exterior wall adjacent to the new pool deck.  The new master suite is positioned along the east property line. Single slope roof functions to provide a high glass line in the master bedroom while providing a low, more intimate scale in the study.  The flat roof over the solid volume of the closets functions as a garden wall, both visually and functionally separating the master suite from the study and main house.

award for design excellence in architecture - 2014

"This addition integrated nicely with the existing home while also providing a special experience focused on maximizing the view in ways that the existing house could not do. Clean detailing and materials have resulted in an addition that has positively influenced how the owner will experience both the house as well as the property." - Jury Comment

Featured in Gulfshore Life January 2015 and American Builders Quarterly 2015


Photography credit: Ed Chappell Photography