Ridge Drive Residence

This project began as a renovation to the owner's house, and blossomed into the design and construction of an entire compound on their 1.5 acre lot in the Pine Ridge neighborhood of Naples.

The main house was completely renovated inside and out, including the addition of a new covered entry and cupola in the center of the roof.  Next was the freestanding two-car garage, it too with a cupola to match what had just been done on the main house.  Following those was the guest house with its expansive covered porch and cypress tongue and groove roof.

In addition to these structures we designed a pool cabana and covered RV parking trellis.  Through the design of these buildings, a new courtyard was developed in the interstitial space and a new landscape design for the entire lot was put in place.  This project was completed in late 2015.

merit award for design excellence in architecture - 2016

"Rather than add directly to the existing building with a small structure or structures, the designers created two small free-standing new structures that are composed with the existing structure in a way that creates an interesting village that blends seamlessly with the natural Florida landscape. Their use of porches and natural thermal convection designs provide excellent passive design strategies and wonderful, well-lit but shaded spaces throughout. It is clear the designers are students of Florida Vernacular design and know how to use historical techniques in a modern design." - Jury Comment


Photography credit: jocofi photography